Hey you all!

I’m happy you’re visiting my homepage!

Since I moved in here on October 18th , 2004, I live in the best family I could ever imagine- no, I’m not a foster kid… 'til next summer, I’ll live here as an exchange student from Germany.

In August I came to sunny California and lived in a Mormon family. There were many problems; I couldn’t find my place in that family. Therefore, I had to change.

Mrs. Jefferson, the principal of our High School helped me a lot- by the way, thank you so much again! She made announcements and Katie who I met in our Drama and Dance classes and the Volleyball JV Team of Murrieta Valley High School heard them and asked her parents whether it would be possible to join her family for the rest of my time in America and they said “YES”! I was sooo happy!!!!

 When I came in, my new family gave me a “Certificate of Membership”. This was the day that I met Keith the first time. Looking a little bit strange (like teachers usually do....... ;-) ), I was a kind of scared to talk to him, but now I know that he’s the best, humorous American Dad I can imagine. Daily, he makes jokes and puts all of us in the right mood. It’s always funny and never boring!!!



          Mary and Lexie I got to know when we went to the Volleyball Pizza Night. Lexie and Katie look so similar!  Mary is lovely, drives us always around, and  will be an English teacher in some years. She helps us a lot in school while reading our school books and giving us hints for homework. When we’re in school she goes to the dog park with Sandy- our cute Golden Retriever girlie.

            Lexie is really shy, plays the guitar, meets her friends and sleeps with Sandy. She likes to play “The Sims” on computer (I do, too!!) and we three girls are playing “DDR”, “Groove” and “Karaoke” almost every day. This is so much fun!!!

My sisters have such beautiful voices! You should listen to Katie’s tracks on the hp! From time to time, Keith and Katie record Katie’s songs and Keith just told me that he also wants to record me…. But I can’t really sing- compared to Katie…. :-(

            Katie sings a lot, plays the guitar and in spring she’s on the swim team.  I  also tried  and made it.  We had a great season! I'll miss it so....... much!!!!!!! She writes and sings her own songs!!! In summer, both of us wanted to work as counselors in a camp, but this didn't happen.

            And now to me: I’m Anna, 17 years young and my goal is to become a successful actress. Katie and Lexie are teaching me how to play the guitar and I’m happy that I can play the piano at Thao’s house whenever I want, because she lives just across the street and is one of my best friends. We listen to music like Green Day, Yellowcard, Matchbook Romance, Chemial Romance, Fifi Dobson,

and another cool band called Blink182. Sometimes I write poems and letters (almost always in class......., what a naughty student....... *lol* ). 

Every weekend and also during the week friends are coming over and we hang out in the garage: playing the guitar and DDR, singing, and just chilling.

  It’s always fun to be with Thao & Stephen, the Chris’s, Nicole, Wes, Matt, Shannon, Peter, Amanda, Sam, Alex, Cassy, Megan's, Ashlyn, Jordan, "Africa", Jimmy, Katie, Lexie and her friend Jessica! I’m so happy that I found so many friends here. I also MISS YOU GUYS IN GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Saturdays we’re going to “Cornerstone”, a totally different kind of church you would imagine: rock music, cookies, Sodas & water, singing and praying. It’s just awesome!

Wednesdays we’re joining a youth group where we also have a lot of fun!

Lately, we're going to church on Sunday mornings, too to see all of our youth group friends.

 Now I want to write something about Murrieta Valley High school. It’s a really tight school. Since second Semester I’ve B-Lunch, too and so I can hang out with a number of my friends- I just miss the Megan’s and the Amber’s!!!

I join the Drama and French Club – everyone is soooo nice!

Moreover, I’m in the “Women’s Ensemble” and Dance.

This Semester I changed some classes: to Italian, French AP and Advanced English.

History is my favorite class because Mr. Trainer (“SIR”) is cool and I’ve  many friends in that class.

Of course I also have Math but everyone who is familiar with me, knows that this is not really my subject!! ;-)

I almost forgot to write that I also join the “Prom Committee”. It's good to know news about that event before everybody else does! *gg*



Okay, if you’re from Germany, you won’t know what DDR is: it’s a dance game on play station (Dance Dance Revolution). While listening to music, there are steps on the monitor and you’ll follow them. And I LOVE YOU ALL - my friends and family!!!!!!!

If you want to contact me, just write something in my forum! I’m always happy about good news! *smile*

I’m greeting: Mia & Steffen, Sabse & André, Sveni, Drea, Fraenki, Melli, Silke, Heikchen & Paul, Tino, Funny, Pinkie, Alex, Betty, Jenny, Jessie, Laura, Anni und Anni, Caro, bastie, Franzi, Hajo, Blodi, Konrad, Paul, Maria, Ruth, Sophie, Maria, Fanny, Angelina, Magali,  Nine, Raya, Sabrena, Martina, Lindi und Glori, Carlene & Samantha, Julia, Thomas & Carolchen, Monika, Claudia & Joergen, Christoph, Vincent, Nataly, Irina and Genadi.

When someone is missing, you’ll have to write in my forum!

In addition, I greet my whole family, including all aunties and uncles, grannies and grandpas, cousins, Liliya, Richi, Mum and Dad.

Of course there is a special “Hi” for all my American friends and my American family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 And a very, very special “Hi” to the “First-Singers”, the ”Anhaltische Theater Dessau, my Youthgroup, and the Swim-, and Volleyball team!!!!!!!!!!!!

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